Making it even easier to
expand your reach and increase your sales.

Introducing St. Lucia’s premiere all in one Food Delivery App


  • Get more business

    Your restaurant will be seen by hundreds of customers throughout St. Lucia.

  • Reach new customers

    With an a-z service, you will have access to a wider reach of customers outside of your immediate geographical location.

  • Increase brand presence

    Your restaurant will be featured on our app and website, which will increase your business’ visibility and capture a wider cross section of your customers attention.

  • All in one delivery system

    You cook, we deliver. It’s that simple. With an a to z delivery platform, you can focus on what you do best, while we take care of the rest.

  • Manage it all with ease

    Our superior software is designed to make business as easy for you as possible. With our simple to navigate, one touch application, backed with customer support, orders run smoothly and reliably.

All in One Features

  • Analytics

    Real-time reports including, revenue, time period of maximum revenue generation and much more.

  • Dashboard Management

    View various order status like, pending, upcoming, delivered and cancelled.

  • Menu Management

    Manage your restaurant's menu by adding/deleting various food items.

  • Restaurant Profile

    Create your restaurant's profile to showcase information about your business.

  • Food Order Management

    View details for upcoming orders and update your current status.

  • Order Cancellation

    Orders can be cancelled by restaurant admins if you are unable to satisfy them.

  • Order History

    View past orders, completed orders and revenue generated from orders.

  • Quick Traffic

    Get real time traffic updates in your area.

How it works

Customer places order via app or website using their delivery address.

Restaurant is notified and accepts the order through the merchant’s portal. Food is prepared for pick up by riders.

Rider arrives at the specified time to collect and deliver to customer.

Quick Delivery sends proceeds from orders every week and provides detailed insights via app’s dashboard.

What we offer

  • Dashboard

    View various order status like all the pending, upcoming, delivered & cancelled orders.

  • Menu Management

    Manage menu by adding/deleting various food items in predefined categories or cuisines.

  • Restaurant Profile

    Create restaurant profile with all the required information.

  • Food Order Management

    View details for upcoming orders and can update status.

  • Order Cancellation

    Orders that can be cancelled by restaurant admin.

  • Order History

    View past orders with the date, complete order summary and revenue generated.

  • Analytics

    Real-time revenue reports, areas where the app is used widely and time period of maximum revenue generation

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